All sales on e-liquid are FINAL without exception. Because e-liquids are consumables, there is an inherent risk in accepting returns or exchanges because of possible tampering. Despite “tamper evident” capping, the possibility exists that e-liquid may be tampered with and then resealed to appear as if it has not been tampered with. The mere fact that this possibility exists and may cause a public health risk that we may be liable for makes e-liquid sales final.

Please inspect your items immediately upon arrival. We do not accept any return/exchange requests for online items unless defective. All return/exchange requests must be made within 7 days of order delivery confirmation. Central Ohio Vape reserves the right to deny any return/exchange requests. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Due to shipping regulations there are no refunds on shipping charges.


Please inspect your items before you leave the store. Our return & warranty comes into effect and remains in effect for 14 days from the moment of purchase. 

Determining Warranty Coverage

To determine whether or not your device is covered by our warranty, we’ll have to work through a comprehensive troubleshooting process. This is for two major reasons. The first being most warranty claims do not actually involve defective units: They’re often fairly simple issues that can be resolved with the guidance of our vape experts. The second is we have to meet very strict conditions for a return to be processed with our suppliers and manufacturers.

What is NOT Covered

  • Clearance items
  • Items with cosmetic issues
  • Consumable items (e-liquid, drip tips)
    • Tank leaks, dry hits, or shorted coils
  • Devices damaged post-purchase (improper usage, water damage, wear & tear)
    • Use of a damaged/improper battery

What IS Covered

  • DOA devices (not turning on or functioning)
  • Screen malfunctions
  • Chip issues (auto-firing, not recognizing atomizers, “low battery” on full charge)
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Internal battery defects (if applicable)
  • Sealed items in original packaging can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase

Due to manufacturer requirements, we must abide by the following when accepting a defective return and any customer returning a defective device must have the following in order for you to accept the defective return:

  • Original Product Packaging
  • Receipt/Proof of Purchase
  • Picture or Video demonstrating the defect
  • A written or typed explanation accompanying the defective product and visual context.
  • “Damaged” Coils are NEVER eligible for return or replacement UNLESS there is a manufacturer recall.


If your item is covered under our warranty, you can exchange it for a sealed item of the same SKU (if the item is in-stock), a SKU of equal value, or store credit.

Troubleshooting Process - this may take up to 30 minutes, please plan accordingly

Step One - General Inquiry

  • Was the device working out of the box?
  • When did the problem first arise?
  • Can the problem be replicated?

Step Two - Visual Inspection

  • Is the exterior damaged, scuffed, scratched, or bent?
  • Is the battery door in good condition?
  • Are the battery terminals damaged or shifted?
  • Are the 510 pin, seal, and threading damaged?
  • Are there signs of water damage?
  • Are there signs of fire damage?

Step Three – Device Troubleshooting

  • Are the device settings correct
  • Does the issue persist with different tanks?
  • Does the issue persist with different batteries?
  • Can the issue be resolved with a firmware update/downgrade?