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***Cartridge not included***

The Exxus Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer is seamless function and balanced power combined into one easily attached unit. This device is a near comprehensive fit for a vast spread of tanks as it has a 510 thread attachment port. Because the Exxus Slim VV is a variable voltage device, the output voltage can be tweaked to hit anywhere between 2.6V and 4V. With a ten second heat up interval, this device is perfect for creating quick, satisfying sessions. 

USING CARTRIDGES WITH THE SLIM VV - The Exxus Slim VV Cartridge Vaporizer takes the streamline aesthetic of a pen unit and marries it with the best qualities of a battery mod. The simplistic design was purposefully done in order to make it as user friendly as possible. The pre-installed rechargeable lithium ion battery has its power restored by attaching the included USB charger to the top 510 thread attachment port. This port is also where tanks are connected. Because of the near universal threading, it is sure to be a straightforward coupling.

ATTACHING CARTRIDGES - A great mod to be paired with the Exxus Slim VV is the Exxus EX4 Oil Cartridge (sold separately). This tank is easily broken down for cleaning purposes in addition to refills. The stainless steel core, glass tube, and ergonomic mouth piece will give vapers an easy draw. The vapor will be dense and smooth for an overall satisfying experience.

  1. Remove the silicone cap and the mouthpiece.
  2. Fill tank with your desired essential oils.
  3. Replace silicone cap and the mouthpiece.
  4. Twist cartridge onto the Exxus Slim VV Battery

EXXUS SLIM VV OPERATION - Once your cartridge is attached, preheat the device and hold the button to inhale. 

  • Click button twice to begin preheat mode and warm up your oils.

PRESS BUTTON 3 X TO ADJUST VOLTAGE - The halo light that encircles the utility button indicates the devices current voltage output. Red means the Exxus Slim VV is at 4V, green means it's at 3.2V, and blue means it's at 2.6V. This feature helps to ensure that no user is left guessing at their device's level of functionality. This attribute also comes as an effort to keep the device practical. 

CHARGING THE EXXUS SLIM VV - Simply twist on the USB Charger to begin charging. Red light indicates that the Exxus Slim VV Battery is still charging. Green light indicates that the Exxus Slim VV Battery has completed charging.

THE EXXUS SLIM VV IS SIMPLE - The fully integrated single button priming system activates the device and brings it to temperature within ten seconds. The one button system is also used for the unit's other functions. As a variable voltage battery, when the single button is clicked three times, that alters the voltage output. Two compresses of the button starts the preheating process. One click makes the unit stop its functions and shut down.

Box Contents:

  • 1 x Exxus Slim VV Battery
  • 1 x USB Charger